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Fire hydrant box construction plan

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1 The fire hydrant box should meet the design requirements, and the product has a type approval certificate and a factory certificate.

2 The fire hydrant box is installed on the light partition wall and has reinforcement measures.

3 Box fire hydrant installation according to the design requirements, in line with the following provisions: The indoor fire hydrant system is a vertical area, the water supply directly from the fire hydrant pump double outlet pipe. The piping system is in a ring shape. The fire water tank is installed on the roof, and the fire water consumption is 18m3, and the fire hydrant system voltage stabilizer and the roof test fire hydrant are provided.

4 Fire water consumption: outdoor fire hydrant 20L / s, indoor fire hydrant 20L / s, a fire extinguishing time 2h.

5 fire hydrant box size is 700x1600x240, each fire hydrant box is equipped with a DN65mm fire hydrant, DN65 long 25m polyester lining glue belt, DN65×19 DC water hydrant one, fire reel set, button, alarm bell, indicator light . All fire hydrants are simultaneously fed back to the building fire control center via the fire hydrant button.



First, construction preparation

1. Fire hydrant equipment, fire hydrant box and installation materials have arrived, and acceptance has passed.

2. The tools and instruments used for installation are ready.

 Second, construction technical requirements

 1. The fire hydrant bolt is 1.1m away from the ground. When installing, combined with the size of the fire hydrant box, when the fire hydrant box and the fire extinguisher box are connected, the bottom margin of the box is 0.16m; the single fire hydrant box and the bottom margin of the box are 0.96m. For details, see 04S202 .

 2. The fire hydrant box concealed on the light partition wall is fixed with M8*100 self-tapping screws; the fire hydrant box concealed on the wall is fixed with M6*800 expansion bolts. After the box is stable, fill it with M5 cement mortar.

 3. Fire water gun installation should meet the following requirements:

 1) The model and performance parameters of the installed fire water gun should be consistent with the design drawings.

 2) Install a good water gun, the various accessories on the gun should be complete.

 4. Install the fire hydrant hose. After the hose is fastened with the water gun and the quick connector, the hose should be hung on the hanger, tray or bracket in the box according to the structure inside the box.

 1) Other requirements: The bolt should be facing outwards and should not be installed on the side of the door shaft. The center of the valve and the side of the box are 140MM, and the deviation is ±5MM. The center of the valve and the inner surface of the box are 100MM, and the deviation is ±5MM. The verticality of the fire hydrant box is 3mm.

 When processing the thread buckle, the adjustment of the wire scale is ensured accurately, the pressure head is pressed tightly, the wire surface of the wire is perpendicular to the axis of the pipe, and the lubricating oil is added when the wire is threaded, and when the die surface is flush with the pipe mouth, the cutting head is started. . Test the sleeve with the corresponding fittings. Check for broken or broken wires. Machined threads should be cleaned of the lubricant. Set more than two boards.

 When numbing, you must apply oil. White thick lacquer should be adjusted with clear oil. Apply it to both sides of the silk. After the stalk is finished, wipe the oil again to ensure that the upper tube is in full contact with each side of the thread. When attaching the pipe fittings, first put a pair of buckles on the hand, then apply even force, tighten the pipe fittings to ensure that 2-3 filaments are left after the pipe fittings are finished. Do not loose the upper threaded fittings. Clean the hemp of each interface. The pipe fittings and pipe sections should be straightened, the diameter of the pipe should be reduced, and the pipe clamps should be fastened, and the removed pipe fittings should be cleaned and re-applied with oil and wrap. It is not allowed to repeatedly disassemble the same wire. Seal each open nozzle. The casing is added correctly. Before the welding, the steel pipe should be straightened and the inside of the pipe should be unblocked. The open pipe should be closed to prevent the blockage.

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