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What is usually in the fire hydrant box?

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What is usually in the fire hydrant box?


There are several kinds of fire-fighting equipment in the fire hydrant box, including: fire hydrant box, fire hydrant box glass, fire hose, indoor fire hydrant, fire water gun, hose interface, automatic reel, alarm button. Let's talk about their respective characteristics. 1. Fire hydrant box fire hydrant box is commonly used in steel box aluminum door frame indoor fire hydrant box and stainless steel fire hydrant box. The aluminum alloy fire hydrant box has the general specifications of 800×650×240; 1000×700×240; 1600×700×240 and 1800×700×240. The box material is made of 1.0 or 1.2 cold-rolled steel plate, and the glass can be selected as matte. Corrugated or transparent glass, other specifications can be customized.


The stainless steel fire hydrant box is made of 301, 304, mirror stainless steel and other materials. The product is beautiful in appearance and durable, suitable for high-grade or wet places. Conventional specifications 800 × 650 × 240; 1000 × 700 × 240; 1600 × 700 × 240 and 1800 × 700 × 240, other specifications can be customized. (Recommended reading: size specifications of common fire hydrant boxes)


2. The glass on the fire box of the fire hydrant box is fragile, and the words on the glass shall be printed according to the specifications.


3. Fire hose water hose specifications are 25Φ; 50Φ; 65Φ; 80Φ; 100; length: 20m; 25m, material: rubber, polyurethane, synthetic rubber, PVC and rubber fire hose.


4. Indoor fire hydrant indoor fire hydrant specifications model 50, 65, nominal pressure: 1.6MPa; strength test: 2.4MPa; use medium: water, foam mixture. Products have ordinary indoor fire hydrant, rotating bolt, decompression regulator plug, rotary pressure relief plug, single valve double outlet plug, double valve double outlet plug, copper fire hydrant.


5. Fire water gun DC water gun: consists of a barrel and a nozzle. The barrel is generally made of a conical tube, and the barrel is provided with a baffle to eliminate the lateral flow and rotational flow of the water. The function of the barrel is to rectify and increase the speed. The nozzle has a cone shape that converges in the direction of the exit section.


Flowering water gun: It is a fire water gun with two properties of making the water flow dense or flowering. There are two kinds of devices in the barrel of the flowering DC water gun: one is the flow regulating valve, which controls the direct current jet, and the water flow passes through the barrel. To the DC nozzle; the second is a flowering regulating valve that controls the flowering jet, which flows from the barrel wall to the flowering water gate valve. Can be used to remedy indoor fires or to cover firefighters entering the fire.


Switching water gun: The water gun is equipped with a switch on the barrel to control the flow of water to switch or close, so it is more suitable for saving high, distant and indoor fires. When using the switch water gun, it should be turned on or off slowly, otherwise it may cause water belt rupture or personal accident.


6. Water hose interface Fire hose interface (water belt buckle) is an indispensable firefighting accessory in the fire water supply system. It is used for connection between water hose extension, fire truck, fire hydrant and water gun to transport water or foam. The mixture is fired. It consists of a body, a sealing ring seat, a rubber sealing ring and the like. The sealing ring seat has a groove for the water belt. It has the advantages of simple connection and quick release. Pipe connection (fire hydrant interface): installed at the water inlet end of the water gun, the internal thread fixed interface is installed in the fire hydrant. The water pump and other water outlets; composed of the body and the sealing ring, one end is a pipe thread, and one end is an inner button type. Acts on connecting water hoses.


7. Self-rescue reel Fire hose reel is suitable for the fire of the first-class fire of A-type carbohydrates such as paper, wood and cotton fabrics. It is used for the fire protection of the general personnel in the building. The fire hydrant is set in the fire hydrant box. The fire hose reel has two specifications of 20m and 25m. The inner diameter of the hose is φ19mm. The inlet port is connected by Rc1 gate valve. The outlet is made of Rc1/2 ball valve with nozzle diameter of φ6mm.


8. Alarm button When manually confirming the fire, press this alarm button to send an alarm signal to the controller. The controller receives the alarm signal, it will display the number of the interface module connected to the alarm button, and will sound an alarm. .


The above is a brief introduction of Shenzhen Gongan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. If you want to know more, you can call our hotline, or click on the official website to consult us, or click on the online consultation.


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