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Driven by multiple factors such as technology, market and policy, China's smart city development has formed an industry and has become the "Arena" of major enterprises. We can see that both Internet companies and traditional IT vendors are doing relevant deployments. When each company is trying to find the best position and sprint to the ultimate goal, what are the differentiated advantages of Zhongke Shuguang? How to stand out from many competitors?

1. A deeper understanding of cutting-edge trends and the concept of a smart city.

The Lunar New Year has not yet arrived, which means that 2018 has not really ended. Looking back over the past year, what are the new trends in the smart city field? Zhang Chunquan, vice president of Shuguang Cloud Computing Group, and Chen Yidong, researcher at the Microelectronics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have formed a consensus that three keywords can lead the year!

The first keyword is "Upgrade." In the era of smart city 1.0, it is mainly devoted to the infrastructure construction. Whether it is paving network facilities or building data centers, it is only the process of urban intelligence and three-dimensional perception. In the era of 2.0, urban construction rose to the level of intelligence. The typical feature of this era is that the network mapping between virtual cities and real cities is quite large.

The second keyword is "ubiquitous." With the development of the mobile Internet and the Internet of Things, the ubiquitous characteristics of smart cities are becoming more and more obvious. For example, real-time and ultra-high-definition transmission based on unstructured data such as video and images is also a category of smart cities.

The third keyword is "smart." How to combine with artificial intelligence and big data analysis based on existing data? Urban intelligent management has a lot of examples.

So, what exactly is a smart city? How do we correctly understand the concept of “smart city”?

Ms. Chen Yidong, a researcher at the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that smart cities mean that urban productivity has developed to a “smart stage”, which has made intelligent activities such as production and life appear intelligent.

First, the city's perceived ability is enhanced. With the advent of the Internet of Things sensor and the 5G era, human individual biological organs have been extended. Before, the pictures we saw in science fiction or movies have become reality. The “clairvoyance” and “shunfeng ears” are not just a legend. In the future, human beings can listen to silence, see invisible, and reach the point where they can see within a thousand miles.

Secondly, there will be major changes in the social form, from digitalization and networking to intelligent and unmanned. For example, the emergence of robots has fundamentally changed the production, consumption, and labor structure of the entire society. For example, the emergence of express delivery has changed the way people live and travel.

Third, the level of social civilization will be greatly improved. The emergence of intelligent perception, intelligent transportation, intelligent systems and unmanned technology has made cities more orderly and promoted the development of society as a whole. There is also an early warning of disasters and the establishment of a personal credit system, pushing social civilization to a new height.

Therefore, the so-called smart city is to build a livable city with people as the center and make people's lives better.

2, the positioning is clear, Dawning only to do the enabling platform.

In the process of accelerating the city's intelligence and digitization, Zhongke Shuguang has achieved fruitful results. Compared with last year, the total revenue of Zhongke Shuguang Smart City Business grew rapidly.

"In the future, we must let every city that goes to the ground be deep and practical, instead of using the number of urban growth as an indicator." Zhang Chunquan said.

Dawn's revenue in 2018 can grow rapidly, 60% from IaaS services, and the remaining 40% is due to big data and SaaS. Among them, big data services are mainly two types: one is the big data sharing exchange platform of the whole city; the other is the big data project in the public security field. The Public Security Big Data Platform Project was independently undertaken and delivered by Shuguang Software Development Department. The most representative customers include: Xinjiang Urumqi Public Security Bureau, Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau.

Whether it is a smart city or an industrial Internet, technology is connected. As far as the overall technical architecture is concerned, it includes nothing more than a connection platform, an enabling platform and an application platform. At the connection layer and application level, Dawning chose to cooperate with the Institute of Microelectronics, Software Institute, Automation and other partners of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. At the same time, based on years of industry experience, Dawning is also doing some application-level business. At the enabling platform level, Dawning includes two platforms: one is the cloud platform; the other is the data platform.

3. Experienced in the construction of 2G and 2B scenes.

In addition to testing the technical support capabilities of service providers, smart city construction needs to understand specific application scenarios. For many years, Dawning has been serving the government and enterprise sectors. From urban governance, information to the people, to the transformation and upgrading of the industrial economy, Shuguang has made important contributions.

In 2018, Dawning followed more than 40 industrial Internet projects, expanding nearly 20 cities from the cloud center's government services to the industrial economy and industrial interconnection. There are about 20 group customers, which are directly followed by Dawn. Dawning's industrial Internet platform, the “Digital Twins” solution, can help companies reduce costs and increase efficiency. For example, the CNC machine tools of enterprises have problems in a certain part, and the working process and status of all components can be seen through the large screen, even Included in the installation process, whether it meets the process flow, directly find the key point of the problem.

Based on the accumulation of ten years, Dawning City Cloud Brain has achieved an upgrade of 1.0 to 2.0. Urban Cloud Brain 2.0 combines artificial intelligence and big data to build a core platform for smart cities. Dawning has established more than 40 urban cloud centers throughout the country. These cloud centers have been serving the government. In addition to meeting the needs of government, there is another mission, which is to serve the local industrial upgrading, the conversion of new and old kinetic energy.

4. Shuguang has a very open ecological construction capability.

In terms of the construction of a smart city, the role played by Shuguang is more like a “mayor assistant”, and many people are willing to consult with him. Dawn can be different because Twilight has experience, reliability and strength in industrial economic planning and upgrading of industrial parks. Most importantly, Twilight has developed its own ecological building capabilities.

Shuguang undertook the chairman unit of the Smart City Industry Alliance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. That is to say, the operation of the Smart City Industry Alliance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is in the dawn, such as microelectronics, software, automation, computing and other important units, all of which are smart city industry alliances. member. For example, in the field of industrial Internet, such projects with higher thresholds, stronger industry attributes, and greater spans and differences between industries, Shuguang will cooperate with institutions in the institute to make full use of their technology accumulation to provide services. .

Of course, in addition to the resources of the institute, Dawning will also cooperate with third-party partners. For example, in the field of smart education and smart medical care, Dawning has established a more open ecological cooperation relationship.

5. In terms of market deployment, Dawning is a smart city with thousands of people.

Most of the smart city projects done by Dawning are based on prefecture-level cities, because smart city projects are mostly based on cities when they land. Even if the provincial government has plans, it will eventually fall to the prefecture-level city. The so-called "thousands of thousands of people", the construction of smart cities is the same, must have urban characteristics. Although many technologies are connected, when providing services, we must truly understand the specific needs of the people and the pain points of the city, and recognize the differences in regional culture.

Twilight respects the characteristics of each city and achieves one city and one policy. Dawn is basically started from the basic platform, and then gradually implemented. Dawning's smart city construction is divided into four steps: the first step is the top-level planning, and the urban planning and design is comprehensive; the second step is to build the platform, mainly to enable the platform; the third step is to use the first, according to the characteristics of urban differentiation. To create the first problem that city managers want to solve. For example, some cities focus on counter-terrorism and stability. In some cities, the main focus may be tourism culture; the fourth step is to do what you can, and you can't do everything. A smart city plan can range from a few hundred million to a few billion. It is necessary to consider the local government's ability to pay, concentrate on superior resources, and follow the stage.

The specific landing form, in addition to technically there will be a platform, but also have a landing operating company, which can ensure data security. The operating company will absorb the participation of the local government shareholding platform and will also attract regional partners to join. In this way, it is also possible to cultivate information technology companies and talents that belong to local characteristics. The experts from the Shuguang University of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences also have unique advantages in terms of personnel training. For example, in the construction of Wuxi City Cloud Computing Center, microelectronics played a very important role in the Wuxi IoT Center.

In short, the construction of a smart city is remembered once and for all, and it must be more forward-looking. In addition to the ability to transform new technologies, we must consider the development after 5-10 years. How to expand the ecological power and strengthen the safety and control of urban construction on the basis of the existing ecological environment is the next medium- and long-term goal of Dawning.

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