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Qinghai Province City Smart Fire Data Center Unveiled

Click: Time:2019-01-14 17:31:18

Qinghai Province City Smart Fire Data Center was unveiled. This is the Qinghai Province* City Smart Fire Data Center, which marks the stage of intelligent, technological and intelligent fire protection work in Qinghai Province.

Smart fire protection is an important part of smart city construction. It utilizes new technologies such as cloud computing and big data, and relies on wired, wireless, mobile Internet and other means of communication to transform traditional fire monitoring systems into Internet terminal visual management through the Internet of Things facilities, transforming traditional supervision and inspection through network platforms. Into the task-based tracking management, the traditional telephone fire alarm through the signal warning platform, into * positioning, one-button mobilization, road water source social resources optimization management, the traditional field command through the remote transmission system, into multi-dimensional video command management, Comprehensively improve the fire safety management level of social units and the effectiveness of fire supervision and enforcement.

The center was jointly built by Guangdong Minyue Enterprise Group and Qinghai Broadcasting and Television Network Co., Ltd., aiming to establish a Qinghai smart fire-fighting network and a strategic framework for the construction of a large fire-fighting system, which will form an “open shared fire database”. Firefighting Responsibility Network, timely response to fire prevention and control network, intelligent* firefighting and rescue network, insist on using data to speak, use data to support, use data development concept, collect city basic data, unit specific data, equipment detailed data, plan * Data, command level data, realize the transformation from traditional data to application data, from extensive data to * data, from manual data to intelligent data, establish a library sharing, one-click mobilization, one map command, one network coverage information Chemical fire protection system.

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